antivirus with “over 500 million customers” installs a cryptocurrency miner on protected computers.

Some time ago, Norton announced the Norton Crypto project, a cryptocurrency miner bundled with antivirus:

But as it turns out, the free Avira boasting “over 500 million customers” also has a similar feature – Avira Crypto:

Does Avira want to compete with Norton? Maybe it wants to, but it was bought by NortonLifeLock Inc (the company that owns the “yellow antivirus”) about a year ago and hence the movement mentioned in the title.

Does Avira “chama” use our computing power and electricity to secretly mine cryptocurrencies? No. We have to agree to it, and in addition, the owner of the software only collects a (small?) Commission. In the case of Norton it is 15% of the excavation, in the case of Avira – there is no clear information.

Some people comment on the whole action with this quote:

Whoever fights monsters should be careful lest the fight make him one of them. Because when you look into the abyss for a long time, the abyss starts looking at you.

… or maybe the whole thing will be useful for less technical users who will be able to easily earn money by mining with almost one click?

What do you think?

~ Michał Sajdak

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