Antoine Griezmann angry? His cash answer to a journalist! “Don’t worry…”

This summer, the world of football witnessed an extraordinary transfer period, marked by significant changes. Unlike previous years, when Europe’s top clubs competed for football stars, one championship in particular disrupted the established order. The clubs in the Saudi Championship have attracted attention as…

Due to this new situation, an exodus of talents has started in Saudi Arabia. Famous players like Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante and even Neymar have been attracted by the lucrative contract offers offered by Saudi clubs.

However, some players preferred to remain loyal to their current clubs despite attractive financial incentives. Among them, Antoine Griezmann opposed the Saudi proposals. Nevertheless, he expressed his understanding of the players who chose to join this league:

I think for the people that have to go, we’re talking about incredible amounts of money. Even if we make a lot of money, some people want to protect their children and grandchildren, I find it normal.

Words that provoked countless reactions on the web, but not only that…

“stupid question”

On September 11, journalist and philosopher Thibaud Leplat responded to this statement by Antoine Griezmann. His reflection particularly highlighted the values ​​given to children and grandchildren. They said:

Silly question: Does telling your children and grandchildren that they don’t have to work to maintain their lifestyle mean they are sheltered in place or, conversely, in danger?

Antoine Griezmann, strong family values

The journalist’s comments indicate thisAntoine Griezmann will give his children a bad education Reached the main person concerned on the question of money and work.

The father of three children, Mia (2016), Amaro (2019) and Alba (2021), wanted to clarify things. world champion, Sure she doesn’t need parenting lessons Thibaud Leplat announced:

Don’t worry about my children’s education. Having money doesn’t mean doing nothing. Look no further than my answer.

And while this statement provoked many reactions on the web, the journalist continued the discussion by specifying:

Thanks for your reply. Obviously, I wasn’t talking about your kids. In this case, your preference for MLS (U.S. Championship, editor’s note) seems to be motivated by something other than purely financial motivations. Personally, I can only salute him.

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