Antonella Rocuzzo Poses a New Personal Challenge, Now It Will Be … Can You Imagine It?

Antonella Rocuzzo

Argentina wants to expand its horizons

The model Antonella Rocuzzo had a brief step as a fashion businesswoman but it seems that it did not go well, so she has decided to make a change in her entrepreneurship.

And it seems that Antonella already got an occupation that will bring benefits and not only economic but also to your health.

Messi’s wife, looking to become a fitness model and the great sports brand Adidas, has contacted her to sponsor her, this is what the more than 12 million followers she has on her personal Instagram account have noticed.

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Empezando la semana 💪🏻

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Rocuzzo was accustomed to her followers to publish photographs with her children and her husband, but this has changed and lately, she has published more postcards where she is training, practicing boxing or doing abs.

Argentina, had launched with Sofia Balbi, wife of soccer player Luis Suarez, a shoe store under the name of Sarkany Barcelona, ​​but everything indicates that the business did not prosper.

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Antonella has also launched a fashion business for children in Rosario, Argentina, under the signature of Enfans, in which her sister Paula is also involved.

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Gym mode on 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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Without a doubt, the model has become a celebrity who seeks to have her own business.



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