Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith: 18 years of marriage, six divorced and life as a family

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, the love after the love Credit: GROSBY GROUP

Formed one of the strong marriages of Hollywood but,

after 18 years


Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

decided to

put an end to their marriage in June of 2014,

six years ago

. Then, Melanie blotted out of his arm, the heart tattooed with the name of Antonio in its interior, but the affection and

good tune

among the actors

appear to remain intact

. So say the two with a multitude of gestures, social networks and statements in various interviews, the last of which has granted the malaga to the mexican programme

Break 7

Univision. Flags has made a review of its three great relationships -with your also Spanish actress Ana Leza, with Griffith, and with his current partner, Nicole Kimpel – and has ensured that all saves “a reminder of the extraordinary, especially the american, with whom she has a daughter in common, Stella del Carmen. “She is my family,” he said about the protagonist of

Executive secretary.

“One mistake in life, but the life that I lived with Melanie was beautiful. Were 20 wonderful years where we put the best of ourselves, we live precious moments that I will never forget, we had a daughter wonderful to the both of you want, which is the result of our relationship, the best thing that we could do together. And although we are separated in the papers and stuff, she is my family,” said Banderas, who has admitted that they talk regularly and visit every time I go to Los Angeles.

This is not the first time that refers to the great friendship that binds him to his former wife. Last September in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, he admitted that Griffith was the one who wanted to side with him in his time of youth, a woman, fun and wild. “The effervescence was intoxicating. I was attracted to so much that entire world. Melanie is a sort of champagne of bubbles, a star that is known to behave. She was very funny at a particular time in which we played and had a great time,” told the actor about the interpreter who knew rolling

Two Much

in the early nineties.

They were married in London in 1996 and, 18 years after they decided to divorce after several months of rumors.

In the beginning they pointed to the problems with the spirit of Melanie Griffith as the cause of the rupture, but long after both actors recognized that, just, “he stopped the motor that moved that relationship. After a certain estrangement after the separation, the couple returned to the contact, and managed to establish a cordial relationship and family, always thanks to the love they both felt for their daughter in common, Stella del Carmen, and also to the will of both. Now, every time we get together remind of moments spent between laughter and album pages old. Two years ago, by the 22nd birthday of Stella del Carmen, met all the family, including his maternal grandmother, the also actress Tippi Hedren, and together they sat cuddled up in a photo that Melanie Griffith was published on their social networks.

Griffith follows with attention the career of her former husband and does not hesitate to support you and show their admiration in public, as happened last October during the presentation in Los Angeles of the film by Pedro Almodóvar

Pain and Glory.

“Congratulations, Antonio, for the Golden Palm for best actor at Cannes for all the awards this film has won by now, and for the nominations that are coming. I just want to say that in the 20 years that you and I and our children live together, we led you to do so with passion. As if each day were a piece of art. Because passion is your art and your art is your life,” said Melanie Griffith during the presentation of the film, which made accompanied by a more timid, Dakota Johnson, turned to Flags as your “daddy”.

Praise and hugs during a presentation of the film Pain and glory in Los Angeles last year
Praise and hugs during a presentation of the film Pain and glory in Los Angeles last year Credit: Agustín Almodóvar

Banderas, who is currently in Malaga

where he has spent the quarantine separated from

Nicole Kimpel, who began dating months after separating from Griffith

and who grabbed the pandemic coronavirus in Geneva with her family, she also feels great love for the children that his former wife had in previous marriages, whom he considers his own children, and Stella del Carmen as their brothers.


Dakota Johnson

it was the actor from malaga, who gave him his first opportunity with a small role in

Crazy in Alabama

(1999), a boost that helped him to steer her now established career in Hollywood.

With her were reunited last September in the Festival of Cinema of Toronto

and he did not hesitate in posing before photographers as father and daughter embracing each other and smiling hugely. In addition to Dakota, Antonio Banderas also feels a special predilection by Alexander Bauer, the son that Melanie Griffith had with the cuban actor Steven Bauer 34 years ago. Bauer is a big fan of the Holy Week in Spanish and, in 2015, he witnessed the processions of Malaga and was left to see on the balcony that the actor has in the central street of the andalusian town. Next to him was the own Flags with his current partner, Nicole Kimpel.


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