Antonio Campos, professor at the University of Granada, appointed honorary academician of the National Academy of Medicine of Buenos Aires

The oldest national medical school in the United States (Argentina) has appointed Antonio Campos, professor emeritus of histology at the University of Granada, as an honorary academician in recognition of his contributions to the creation of artificial tissues.

The institution, founded in 1822, elected Campos as an honorary foreign member, a recognition of the “exceptional” nature of those the academy considers to have “outstanding and extraordinary talents.”

Foreign honorary scholars include Santiago Ramon Cajal and many other Nobel Prize winners, as well as Gregorio Marañón, Pio del Rio Hotega, Pedro Ryan ·Entraralgo, Carlos Jimenez Dias and other Spanish celebrities.

Professor Antonio Campos is a pioneer in tissue engineering research and teaching in Granada, where he and his research group have contributed to the generation of new artificial tissues such as cornea and artificial skin, which have been transferred to the clinic.

The work directed by Campos has earned his team numerous recognitions, such as the Order of Andalusia and three honorary doctorates from foreign universities.

Campos has been an academic at the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain since 2004, holding the same professorship of histology that Ramón y Cajal once held.

The UGR professor emeritus is also currently vice president and co-director of the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Medical Terminology

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