Anya Taylor-Joy reveals she gave up on a Disney project to shoot The Witch

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Anya Taylor-Joy revealed that he turned down a Disney Channel project to take part in the acclaimed The Witch from Robert Eggers. The 2015 horror film changed the actress’s artistic career.

Anya Taylor-Joy he recalled the moment when he chose to take part in the Eggers film and not be part of the Disney Channel project: “I remember it was the same day I was asked to participate in a Disney Channel pilot, and it was so exciting that I was offered something that I ran around the house like crazy. But I got this really good feeling about The Witch. This made me willing to give up the Disney experience for what seemed unknown to me, what seemed sacred. “

In addition, the artist said that The Witch has allowed her to grow as a professional: “It gave me the cornerstones of my way of working, which is essentially the idea that there is no hierarchy on the set: you work hard, you stay watch out for the shot and don’t assume someone else will do it for you. Your title doesn’t stop with being an actress: you are a creative in this film, and that’s how you have to deal with it ». Anya Taylor-Joy recently wrapped filming on Furious from George Millerthe prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road which will be released in theaters on May 24, 2024.

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