Anya Taylor-Joy reveals that she turned down Disney. And the reason for the no will delight fans of the actress

Anya Taylor-Joy is an increasingly rising diva of world cinema, whose career was launched further by the success of the Netflix series a few years ago The chess queen. Recently, on the microphones of Harper’s Bazaar, the actress confessed to having said no to Disney for a project, and all to make one of the films that launched her in the firmament of the seventh contemporary art: The Witch from Robert Eggers.

I remember it was the same day they offered me to participate in a Disney Channel pilot and it was so exciting to receive such offers that I started running around the house. I decided to refuse because I had a positive feeling on The Witch, which allowed me to forget about the possible experience with DisneyThe actress said about the 2015 film.

In the film the actress was Thomasinthe female lead of Eggers’ debut set in New Englandin the middle of seventeenth century, where a man named William (Ralph Ineson) was excommunicated from the Puritan community in which he lived and forced into exile. Together with his family, he built a small farm on the edge of a wood with the hope of starting a new life. A few months later, while the eldest daughter Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) was playing with her newborn brother Samuel, the latter disappeared before her eyes, kidnapped by a witch.

It provided me with the cornerstones of what is now my way of working, which is essentially based on the idea that there is no hierarchy on set.: You work hard, you stay in the shots, and you don’t assume someone else will do it for you – Anya recalled about that set, located several hours away from Toronto – Your role does not stop at that of the actor: you are a creative of this film and this is how you have to deal with it“.

In 2022 Anya Taylor-Joy returned to collaborate with director Robert Eggers for the film The Northman, where he stars alongside actors such as Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgård and Claes Bang. The same year he starred together with Ralph Fiennes in the horror film The Menudirected by Mark Mylod, which will arrive on November 17 at the cinema (HERE our review).

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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