Apoloniusz Tajner assessed the jumps on TVN. “Yes you have to”

The first weekend of the World Cup in ski jumping in the Olympic season is behind us, and at the same time in a new TV setting. Broadcasts of the competition in the open channel were taken over by TVN and the competitions in Nizhny Tagil were the first opportunity for fans to get acquainted with the TV offer regarding jumping.

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Tajner rated the studio on TVN. “9 out of 10. I had no comments”

TVN studio around the World Cup competition was even assessed by the president of the Polish Ski Association, Apoloniusz Tajner. – Of course, I watched and I like it very much – he said on Radio Zet in the program of one of TVN’s studios, Damian Michałowski.

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– On a scale of 1-10? I think that 9. I rate it very highly, I had no comments. It was a very substantive studio and felt a bit of space. I think that it is necessary to continue this way – added Tajner.

Apoloniusz Tajner (left) and team coach Michal DolezalApoloniusz Tajner wants to improve from two jumpers. “No better premises”

Małysz “did not feel a big change” after TVN took over jumping

Before the secretary, Adam Małysz assessed the change of the sender of the jumping competition. – TVN still has to learn some things, because TVP once had to clarify certain elements. They definitely need some time. However, the transmission itself is mostly done by Eurosport, i.e. television, which is very experienced in jumping. I did not feel a great change. However, I’m not the best person to comment on the broadcast itself, because I watch jumps on TV relatively rarely – said Małysz in an interview with the WP Sportowe Fakty portal.

World Cup competition in WisłaAdam Małysz briefly assessed the jumps on TVN. “Many may be surprised”

After the inauguration, now is the time for the next World Cup competition broadcast on TVN. Before Polish Television also gets its chance to show the competitions in Poland, the series will come to Ruka in Finland. Training and qualifications are scheduled for Friday, November 26, and two individual competitions will be held on Saturday, November 27 and Sunday, November 28. Live coverage on Sport.pl and in the Sport.pl LIVE mobile application.

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