Apoloniusz Tajner wants to improve from two jumpers. “no better premises”

The beginning of the season by the Polish jumpers was exceptionally weak. In the first competition, Kamil Stoch took a high, fifth place, but apart from that, only Dawid Kubacki made it to the finals. It was even worse in the second competition. Stoch and Kubacki were not in the final 30, and Żyła and Stękała took distant places. It was the worst start for the Polish team in several years.

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New season, new hopes. “Kubacki can do everything. It could be his winter”

Despite this fact, Apoloniusz Tajner, president of the Polish Ski Association, remains calm. In an interview with Radio ZET he admitted that he saw positives in the performances of Polish jumpers. He only pointed to two players who need to definitely improve.

Klemens MurańkaMurańka spoke from a Russian hospital. It has one goal

Tajner found positives after Nizhny Tagil. “They are where they should be”

– I tried to look for good sides and yet I think that Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch and Piotr Żyła are fine, where they should be. Andrzej Stękała, despite this back pain, also presented himself on his level. I liked Klimek Murańka. He did not qualify, but he faced very bad conditions. Certainly, the sports form of Stefan Hula and Kuba Wolny causes the anxiety of coach Doleżal. There were no better premises here, said Tajner.

– This is only the beggining. Besides, it was obvious that our players are not free enough. They lack slack. When in good shape, the player does it all casually. Here you could see that they wanted a lot and were stiff, and that was a bit of a nuisance. Now the rhythm of the competition. They are done with hard motor training and will catch freshness – added the president of PZN.

Apoloniusz Tajner also referred to the letter of the Ombudsman, which was sent to PZN in connection with the union’s decision to admit only vaccinated people to the competition in Wisła and Zakopane. “The Defender is of the opinion that allowing only vaccinated people to participate in a given event – or restricting the access of unvaccinated people – may lead to violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens” – reported the Human Rights Defender’s office. The letter also explained that some people will not be able to get vaccinated due to health reasons or may be immune to the disease.

A strange situation with the departure of jumpers.  Urgent meeting on the planeA strange situation with the departure of jumpers. Urgent meeting on the plane

Will the unvaccinated see competitions in Wisła and Zakopane? “We have modified the decision”

– We responded in a letter to the spokesman. However, I still think that it was a good step on our part. We had at that time in mind that the pandemic would however develop and who knows what the situation will be during the competition. As a result of this letter, we have modified the decision. Two zones will be established in Wisła and Zakopane. I need a different space for the unvaccinated. There must be a distance of 1.5 meters. The area is converted into the number of fans that will fit there and that many tickets will be sold. Probably voices will say that we will “mark” the unvaccinated in some way – Tajner informed.

The president of the union added that the organization of the competition in Wisła is proceeding without problems. Snow has already appeared on the hill. – The snow is already produced, it keeps falling, because it is better to have more than less. The layer is half a meter. It is already known that there is enough snow. On Monday we want to make the jumping hill available – said Tajner.

Aleksander Zniszczoł during the November competition in WisłaChange in the team of Polish jumpers for competitions in Kuusamo!

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