Appearances with 070Shaq are controversial (VIDEO)

Vanessa Paradis must be worried about the media exposure of her daughter Lily-Rose, who makes several public appearances with fellow rapper 070Shaq.

After being spotted together in Portugal, they were once again seen in Spain. It appears that this behavior is not validated by the protective mother.

In fact, Vanessa Paradis admitted in an interview with Tattoo magazine that she kept her children under wraps for a long time. Yet now, Lily-Rose finds herself in the limelight on a daily basis, triggering reactions among fans. One fan commented, “Her mom took care of her for years, and now we see her every day.”

In the same interview, Vanessa Paradis revealed that she is willing to do anything to protect her children, even using “violence” if necessary. She recognizes that we all have inner strength, a combination of strength and vulnerability, and says that her role as a mother can lead her to act protectively and obsessively. She also talks about the need to be strong as a woman in order to be heard in the music industry.

Vanessa Paradis closely monitors the development and well-being of her daughter, Lily-Rose. Let’s hope this intense media period doesn’t upset the family balance and Vanessa manages to strike a balance between her daughter’s safety and growth.

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