Apple CEO meets the brilliant guys of Bending Spoons, 500 million downloads-

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He visited the Triennale and the Apple store in Piazza del Liberty and then stopped in Corso Como, the headquarters of the company that created Immuni: If you exclude gaming, we are in the world top ten

Removed the togaTim Cook back to the classic dark polo. After receiving the laurea honoris causa at the Federico II University of NaplesL’ad of Apple continued his tour Italian passing through Milan. Here he visited the Triennialand greeted theApple Store in Piazza del Liberty then stop by Bending Spoonsa global company whose name few know. From corso Como 15 it has conquered the world thanks to its applications: Splice, Remini, then Immuniwhich in March 2020 donated to the Italian government for contact tracing during the pandemic.

If we exclude video games, we are among the 10 largest developers in the world, Luca Ferrari tells Cook, one of the 4 founders of this company that seems a perfect parable of the app economy, with an American-flavored story behind them as their headquarters are American: wood is king, plants are everywhere, mirrors appear here and there. There are corners to relax in a hammock and meeting rooms with a guitar, the cafeteria equipped with every comfort and very few doors. As Cook walks through the various rooms (Thanks for using Macs !, he jokes to some boys, all equipped with his computers), Ferrari tells about his company. He met the other three founders, Francesco Patarnello, Matteo Danieli and Luca Querella, in Copenhagen about ten years ago. They were all engineering students under 30, over time they become friends and come to live together but to unite them there is also a common goal: to create a company that inspires, which becomes a point of reference for Italy.

From here the four (plus the Danish Tomasz Greber) found Bending Spoons. 2013 and the start is slow (With the first app we earned 10 thousand euros, it seemed like a fortuneQuerella recalls) but then others arrive and one in particular, 30 day fitness, takes flight all over the world. Apps are like this, says Ferrari, The Apple store, the company’s application store, has allowed us to sell our idea in 175 countries without worrying about intermediation and helping us with the initial development. In total, in recent years, they have achieved 500 million downloads: Half a billion ?, asks astonished Cook, and Ferrari, with his broad smile, confirms. You have impressed the king of the app economy, not a little. The users of their app instead are 90 million, numbers that allowed Bending Spoons to collect, just a few days ago, 340 million dollars (300 in debt and 40 in equity).

Among the investors, many banks and specialists in the sector but also stars like the Canadian actor Ryan Reynoldsthe former tennis champion Andre Agassithe former CEO of GoogleEric SchmidtAnd Fedez. But let’s continue the tour because Cook, armed with the good-natured smile that has become his trademark, doesn’t just listen, he advice. He suggests to the four young people how to improve corporate sustainability and diversity, two cornerstones of his policy, and underlines the importance that artificial intelligence will have in the future. Time is pressing and there is only time for one last group photo. Cook (who everyone here calls Tim) patiently waits for all employees to train. Some come running, out of breath. Impossible to give up a shot with those who allow you to reach the globe from Corso Como 15.

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