Apple gives up: will allow other payments in Korea

Apple gives up on the App Store

The great and powerful Apple bowed. It may not be a gigantic blow, but it is spectacular enough. Apple has allowed payments other than its own in South Korea.

Apple is a company that has mastered the art of closing everything in its own ecosystem. This, of course, has its advantages, such as security and perfect cooperation of various devices. Unfortunately, there are even more disadvantages. One of them is condemning users to high prices due to a kind of monopoly.

App developers have long complained about the need to use the only right payment system. Of course, it’s about the one by Apple. Americans do the same they charge 30% of the revenue from each application or purchases within them. Officially – for safety. Google does the same. There, however, it is possible to use other stores.

Apple agrees to other payment systems in the App Store

Epic Games and its spectacular start with the App Store concerned the payment system. Last year, the South Korean parliament decided that app store owners must admit alternative payment systems. Google has matched there to make a decision in mid-December, however, Apple was delayed. Now, however, and Apple he agreed.

However, it did not say how much it would charge for using its own payment systems. It is definitely supposed to be less than in the case of Apple’s system. It is not known, however, whether the failure for the stores will be greater than symbolic. Google has set the fee for the use of external systems at 26%, which is only slightly less than for its own system.

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Text Source: Korea Times

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