Apple increases the prices of Apple TV +, Apple Music and Apple One in Italy and around the world

The prices of Apple TV + and Apple Music are increasing all over the world, even in Italy. Initially it seemed that the increase was going to impact only the American market but already tonight, by opening the Apple Music app, those who try to subscribe will see the price of 10.99 euros per month instead of the classic 9.99 euros per month.

Curiously, the app still reports 9.99 euros, a figure that we believe will be changed shortly.

Also increase TV +: from 4.99 euros goes to 6.99 euroswith an obvious repercussion on the Apple One Family subscription which goes from 19.99 euros per month to 22.99 euros.

The price increase concerns only and exclusively those services that rely on external and third-party licenses, namely music and films: Fitness +, iCloud and Apple Arcade are currently unchanged. Apple has not released any press releases, however a spokesperson has released a statement to some American newspapers explaining that the increase is linked to the rising cost of rights and the need to review the distribution of earnings for artists.

Subscription prices for Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple One will increase starting today. The new prices are already available on the company’s website. The Apple Music modification is due to increased licensing costs, and as a result, artists and songwriters will earn more for streaming their music. We also continue to add innovative features that make Apple Music the best listening experience in the world“.

What happens to those who are already subscribers?

On May 16, with a change in developer policies, it had in fact made it possible to change the price of subscriptions in the app automatically, without explicit consent of the people. A developer with a subscription app can now raise the app subscription price once a year as long as the increase does not exceed $ 5 or, alternatively, 50% of the subscription fee.

In this case, since they are increases of $ 1, $ 2 and $ 3, Apple can simply automatically withdraw the new rate. It can do this because users have accepted these new terms of use of the AppStore (probably without knowing it).

In any case, as Apple writes on the developer site, “In these situations, Apple always notifies users of the increase in advance, including via email, push notification, and a message within the app. Apple will also inform users on how to view, manage and cancel their subscriptions if they wish. “

Users will then be notified in time of the increase in the subscription, and will be able to decide whether to cancel, but if they do nothing, precisely because of the change to the AppStore mentioned above, there will be the rule of silent consent.

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