Apple is the most expensive company in the world. Its value exceeded $ 3 trillion

On the first day of trading in 2022, the company’s price rose to a record USD 182.88 per share. Thus, the Apple concern has become the most valuable company in the world, with market capitalization of $ 3 trillion.

Paid services

Apple achieved such a high valuation thanks to the conviction of investors that the iPhone manufacturer will continue to introduce the best-selling products to the market, exploring new markets such as automated cars and metaverse.

Investors assume consumers will continue to pay high prices for the company’s products and services like Apple TV and Apple Music.


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One trillion dollars in 16 months

To the level the most valuable company in the world the American giant came in just 16 months. Just over a year ago, the company was worth $ 2 trillion.

Share price it grew during the pandemic incl. because the demand for paid services provided by the technology giant has increased.


Analysts expect demand for iPhones to remain strong in 2022 since Apple is a leader in the Chinese smartphone marketand more and more consumers are subscribing to its services.


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