Apple NEW STAR release date, price and features

In the notes below, you’ll learn more details about the next-generation iPhone 16 Pro Max, which will bring the Apple brand to international markets. What will you offer?

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Last few years, Apple and Samsung has become main suppliers Number of smartphones in the world. Their incredibly innovative smartphones are being updated with new tools that make many people’s lives easier.

Therefore, in January 2024, Samsung will launch Galaxy S24 Ultrawill be directly related to iPhone 16 Pro Max From Apple.

Since we already know a lot about the Galaxy S24 Ultra, we wanted to explore more Galaxy S24 Ultra-related details. iPhone 16 Pro Max. Well, while its launch is still planned for a few months, the media is focusing exclusively on Apple, mike rumormanages to obtain a prototype of the device; creates a visual representation that gives us an idea of ​​what the model will look like.

Next, we will share with you all the information about the project iPhone 16 Pro Max features and the first images of its possible designs.

What features will Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max have?

In fact, no major changes to the design are expected. New iPhone 16 Pro. This belief isn’t limited to MacRumors, as no analysts or leakers with Apple sources say otherwise. In fact, the design has barely changed since the iPhone 12.

However, the 2024 model will introduce some new features. screen size increased 0.2 inches, reaching 6.3 inches on iPhone 16 Pro, and 6.9 inches on iPhone 16 Pro Max.

It should be pointed out that Max model will be the largest iPhone in history It will continue to use LTPO OLED technology with a refresh rate of 1 to 120Hz.

Concept design of the front of iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max. Photo: MacRumors.

The edges of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will continue to be straight, albeit more stylized to improve grip, similar to what was observed on the latest generation iPhone 15.The novelty on the side is that Integrate new additional buttons into action buttons, inspired by Sony equipment and directly related to cameras. This will provide quick options for taking photos or videos in different modes.

The structural material will still be grade 5 titanium, but details such as available colors are still unknown. Even the “natural titanium” color seen in the renders has not been confirmed. The exact color of the smartphone may not be revealed until later.

Concept design of the side of iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max. Photo: MacRumors.

Finally, they expected Notable camera changes. The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to use the four-prism telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. As far as the iPhone 16 Pro Max is concerned, it may introduce a 300mm telephoto lens with better autofocus and greater zoom capabilities.

iPhone 16 Pro Max: Price and release date

this iPhone 16 Pro release date Still unknown, but if we follow Apple’s usual calendar, the first two weeks of September 2024 are very likely. By then, its official price and more details will be known.

After that, pre-orders will open for next week; it will arrive in stores and customers a week later. Therefore, it will be in our hands before October.

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