Apple recalls employees: in the office since September

Everyone in the office since September. It is the move of Apple, the first Big Tech to take a decisive step towards the return of employees to the company, while keeping the door to smart working open. From 5 September, in fact, the employees of the Cupertino company are called to cover three days a week out of five in the office, and two remotely. A choice that seems to unite many companies, at least in a future key, and which until now has clashed with the resurgence of infections that left no room for experimentation.

Apple’s choice, at least for now, only concerns employees in the California county of Santa Clara, near the company’s headquarters. And according to Bloomberg reports, employees will have to be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, leaving free the choice of another day of attendance per week.

Hybrid work

The move is a very clear signal of how much Apple remains positioned on its line, which is that of a hybrid work, made up of smart working but also of presence in the office. A different choice than other big names in the technology sector, who have chosen permanent remote work for their employees.

It must be said that during the summer, some Apple employees worked from their offices two days a week. But Apple’s head of software, Craig Federighi, had explained that September would be the “real start” of the new form of hybrid work. And so it will be.

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Second attempt

It should be remembered that Apple had expected a return to the office for three days a weeks as early as June 2021, before the infections returned to grow strongly. Now try it again.

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