Apple stops selling iPhones and more. The cause of inflation

Apple stops selling iPhones and more.  The cause of inflation

The company does not officially announce anything, just like the rest of the company, but oddly enough, a large part of electronics remains unavailable in Turkey.

Looking at the value of the zloty, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned, but we are undoubtedly not record holders in the field of currency impairment. Turkish lira goes to the head, and bizarre decisions of the central bank, such as a reduction in interest rates despite 20 percent. inflation, they only deepen the crisis.

Today, one dollar costs between 12 and 13 lira, which means that from the beginning of 2021 the Turkish currency is over 40 percent in the red. This is an economic catastrophe.

The consequence of this state of affairs for the technology industry, in addition to the obvious increase in the value of liabilities of local companies, is suspension of deliveries the goods.

Let’s enumerate: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Xiaomi

The official Apple store in Turkey did not freeze its operations, but it was literally deserted. Almost each product it became unavailable overnight, notes MacRumors.

We can see similar pictures in the competition. They also shine with emptiness, among others official Samsung and Microsoft stores, and the Xiaomi store began linking to a Chinese, not local shopping app. In a word, the sale of equipment has been effectively slowed down.

And it’s hardly surprising, because to keep profitability of exports to Turkey, individual producers would have to really push up prices. And this, considering the economic situation itself, would rather not attract customers, only exposing them to an image bloat.

And we, Poles, can vividly experience the dangers of playing with currency. The editors wish for you and for yourself that no one would lead to such a state on the Vistula River.

Photo source: Unsplash (Bagus Hernawan)

Text Source: MacRumors, ed. own

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