Apple’s autonomous car will appear in 2025

Information that Apple is working on an autonomous electric car has appeared since 2013. A few days ago, groundbreaking reports on this subject were published by the world’s largest news agency called Bloomberg.

It’s worth recalling that Christopher “CJ” Moore, former director of autopilot software at Tesla, joined Apple earlier this month. Recently, there has been much talk that Apple will only develop software to control an autonomous vehicle, but according to information recently published by Bloomberg, the company plans to create a complete car.

Apple Car

What is Apple planning?

In an article published in the Bloomberg website, you can read that Apple ran two projects simultaneously. One related to a vehicle that requires the presence of a human being to drive, but the system will support the steering process. The second is a fully autonomous vehicle and this is the path that the company will continue to follow, abandoning the first of the aforementioned initiatives. The project manager is Kevin Lynch.

Apple autonomous car

Importantly, the work on the system that will be the heart of the vehicle has reportedly been completed. The company has strongly developed the artificial intelligence technology that is essential for autonomous driving. The challenge is to design a cooling system that will keep such a complex system at the right temperature.

Apple car

Apple car without steering wheel and pedals

The Apple car, if it is built at all, will not have a steering wheel and pedals, and the seats will be mounted on both sides of the vehicle, so that passengers will be able to sit facing each other. The issue of the lack of a steering wheel is allegedly debatable, because if it were installed, it could be used to take control of the vehicle in an emergency.

It is estimated that the autonomous Apple car will hit the market around 2025.



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