appointed escrow agent based in Italy

The sale of Sampdoria to the Al-Thani family? He continues and Gianluca Vidal makes it known that he has been appointed escrow agent based in Italy

The proof of founds, Has the “famous” document proving that a person or company has the financial capacity to execute a transaction been presented? No. It was never even produced. And as a result it never made it to the table of Gianluca Vidal.

This means that the negotiation for the sale of the Sampdoria can’t continue? Absolutely no. “For complications – they should not surprise us the trustee Gianluca Vidal reached by ClubDoria46 on the phone – it was decided to go directly to the next step, to esrow …”

But let’s go in order and try to make things better understood. At least we try.

The proof of funds is a preliminary, non-binding document that certifies economic availability and that, in fact, some banks are struggling to give, as a success for the Arab one. So we decided to move on to the last step …

And here comes the real news. A further step, essential to then get to the closing of the deal.

The party interested in buying Sampdoria has appointed an escrow agent, which also has an office in Italy. The escrow is an account in which the escrow agent and the bank are instructed to pay when the contract is signed. The day the escrow agent writes to me telling me to have the money in the account and here are the instructions for me at which point you can close. But until the moment when the money is not credited to the account we are once again talking about nothing …

And one thing is clear:

The Ferrero family cannot refuse to sell Sampdoria in the face of an offer from the day the trust was approved. The trust is a segregated asset …

Sampdoria sale, alternatives to Al-Thani? Vidal has only one left …

sale of sampdoria

Sale of Sampdoria, Vidal: appointed escrow agent based in Italy

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Doubts, perplexities, fears and who knows what else. There is still everything in this negotiation. “But enough frenzies”.

Either one of these morning the Sheikh or someone on his behalf says: “We no longer send money because Vidal told us that we are not nice or something else” or the money arrives. And if they don’t arrive we will try to understand why …

There are alternatives to Francesco Di Silvio and the Al-Thani family? “There is only one stakeholder left. An American group “. Not much to cheer against …

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