Aprilia. Saturday 14, Double appointment with “A Thousand and One Author”

Double appointment Saturday 14 May for the review of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Aprilia “A thousand and one authors”. First appointment at 16:00 at the “Luigi Meddi” council chamber in Piazza Roma where there will be the presentation of the volume of Roberto Fiorentini “Livio Odescalchi nephew of Pope Innocent XI”. Alexander Koller introduces and moderates the meeting, with Giuseppe Mrozek Eliszezynski, Marco Albertoni and the councilor for Culture Gianluca Fanucci. On the web James Nelson Novoa. Second appointment Saturday 14 May, at 5.30 pm, at Sala Mnemosi of the poloculturale of the ex Claudia in via Pontina for the 3rd edition of the “LibrArt di Primavera” review curated by the association “Noi, i libri e…”. The books presented on this occasion will be three, like three protagonists: “I promise you Vietnam” by Valeria Biacioni“Alice’s puzzle” Manuela Poveromo and “Seeds in the Dark” by Elena Who. Artistic participation by Mario Spagnoli, with some of his splendid paintings, by the actor Paolo Cicogna and by Professor Loredana Melgiovanni. The choral presentation will be accompanied by a short classical guitar adagio, by a talented associate, and some surprises for all the participants, speakers, artists and the audience. Mediators of the event, Sabrina Braga, president of the association, Stefania Puliani, secretary of the association and Michele Rucco, president / editor of the association “The Eye of Horus Aps” and the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Aprilia Gianluca Fanucci .

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