Aquaman 2 Synopsis Revealed: Black Manta’s Villain Plan, Teams and Arthur Curry Jr.


  • The synopsis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom teases Black Manta’s relentless quest for revenge and the unexpected alliance Arthur Curry must form to defeat him. The film will depict the iconic hero’s struggle to protect his kingdom and his family from irreversible destruction.
  • The original cast, including Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson and Amber Heard, will reprise their roles in the film. Pilou Asbæk’s undisclosed role remains a mystery, while Indya Moore joins the role of villain Karshon.
  • With scenes from Ben Affleck’s Batman reportedly cut, the final Aquaman film is expected to be a bittersweet conclusion to the franchise that began a decade ago.

The synopsis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has finally emerged, showcasing what will happen in the DCEU’s final film. Although 2023 hasn’t been a successful year for the DCEU, the franchise still has one more film to release before James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe comes to life, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set to arrive in December . After numerous delays and several reshoots, Warner Bros. Discovery is finally gearing up to release Jason Momoa’s latest outing as the iconic Justice League hero.

Since Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will bid farewell to the DCEU, the film’s marketing campaign has finally begun, with a new trailer expected to arrive later this week. Following the release of the teaser, broadcast this weekend, Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first official synopsis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Coming at just the right time, the synopsis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom teases Black Manta’s rise to power and the surprising alliance Arthur Curry is forced to form:

Having failed to defeat Aquaman the first time, Black Manta, still driven by the need to avenge his father’s death, will stop at nothing to eliminate Aquaman once and for all. This time, Black Manta is more fearsome than ever, wielding the power of the mythical Black Trident, which unleashes an ancient and malevolent force. To defeat him, Aquaman will turn to his imprisoned brother Orm, the former king of Atlantis, to forge an unlikely alliance. Together, they must put aside their differences to protect their kingdom and save Aquaman’s family and the world from irreversible destruction.

All returning to the roles they created, Jason Momoa plays Arthur Curry/Aquaman, now balancing his duties as King of Atlantis and new father; Patrick Wilson is Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother and archenemy, who must now take on a new role as his brother’s reluctant ally; Amber Heard is Mera, the queen of Atlantis and the mother of the heir to the throne; Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is Black Manta, determined more than ever to avenge his father’s death by destroying Aquaman, his family and Atlantis; and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, a fierce leader and mother with the heart of a warrior. Also reprising their roles are Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus and Randall Park as Dr. Stephen Shin.

What else do we know about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom so far

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was widely touted as a team-up film starring Arthur and Orm following the events of the first film. Whether or not their alliance will last for the duration of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom remains to be seen, as Ocean Master may or may not try to pull one on his half-brother. Although Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has teased her pregnancy, it has been reported that Amber Heard’s Mera will only have a handful of scenes in the film.

One of the biggest mysteries in the story of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the secret role of Pilou Asbæk, which has not yet been revealed. Another new cast member who will make his DCEU debut in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is Indya Moore as Karshon, who was a Green Lantern villain in the comics. As for other DCEU characters, Ben Affleck’s Batman had originally filmed new scenes for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but his material was reportedly completely scrapped due to the rise of the new DC Universe.

With only a few days until the full trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is shared, time will tell if the footage will be able to help build momentum for the DCEU finale. Even though Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom doesn’t go out of its way to wrap up the DCEU, it’s still bittersweet knowing that this is the final entry in the franchise that began a decade ago. Hopefully the massive wait for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will have been worth it when it hits theaters this December.

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