Arajet aims to bring the Dominican Republic closer to travelers

Although the Dominican Republic is a well-known destination for many, there are still chances that even travelers may not be aware of it. It’s about a combination of unexplored places, biodiversity, beaches, and history.

In its offer to passengers from Chile, Argentina and other South American countries, Alajet points out that the low prices it offers will ease access to the Dominican Republic. First, the country’s new airline is operating from Santo Domingo, which opens a new gateway to the country. This is the first time, for example, that tourists in Chile will be able to fly directly to that city.

“The Dominican Republic has much more potential.”highlights Victor Pacheco, CEO of Arajet.

From the end of October, Santiago Airlines will add to its regular schedule of three flights per week. In addition, in November, air routes to Santiago de los Caballeros, his second most important city in the country, will be opened.

For the Dominican Republic, the project that Alajet is building is important. After many years, the country once again has an influential airline, giving it a continental dimension for the first time.

Previously, the air connections developed by Dominicana de Aviación were concentrated in the Caribbean, North America and Europe, but were lost due to the company’s bankruptcy. Since then, no other airline in the country can offer Alajet’s services, offering 22 destinations and 138 connections.

Dominican Republic Destinations

Located on the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic offers visitors multiple attractions to suit every type of taste. They definitely start with beach destinations, but also bohemia, water sports, biodiversity, dance, cities and old towns.

“Did you know there are five microclimates in the Dominican Republic?”commented the CEO of Arajet. “From the famous Punta Cana to Las Terrenas, you’ll find all types of beaches with quiet beaches and shallow waters. There’s also Cabarete, a popular spot for surfers, and Las Águilas, a more unexplored destination on the west side of the island.”.

Among its features are also unexplored areas and national parks, which constitute another type of tourism.

Of particular note is the capital, Santo Domingo. The city is the administrative center and the place to learn about the first Spanish settlements.

“You can do urban tourism in the first colonial area. For example, there is America’s first cathedral, the Alcazar de Colon, where my son Diego lived. We want to promote all these things.”addition.

Continuing his tour, he added that Santiago de los Caballeros is the birthplace of merengue, the Brugal rum factory, and a tobacco export destination. Puerto He Plata is 45 minutes by road.

new connection

Alajet Airlines’ flights to some destinations in the region include Santiago de los Caballeros. From November 2nd, Santo He will be available weekly to Chilean travelers with direct connections to Domingo. His second city in the Dominican Republic will be connected to five South American destinations: Bogota, Buenos Aires (EZE), Medellin (MDE), Santiago and São Paulo (GRU).

“We will continue our agreement with Santiago and the country to make Alajet the airline of the Dominicans, so that Sibaeños will be able to depart directly from the airport and fly to important cities in South America. I did…” Express Pacheco.

tourism grows

Dominican Tourism Minister David Corrado asserted that the number of tourists in the Dominican Republic has exceeded 7 million for the first time in less than eight months. In August, 784,284 people arrived by plane and cruise ship.

“Breaking the barrier of 7 million visitors in just eight months is a real record.”Minister Collard says. “We had 7,079,991 visitors in eight months, an increase of 31% compared to 2019, 136% compared to 2021, and 25% compared to 2022.”.

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