Arcadegeddon Is the First Game on Consoles to Support AMD’s FSR on PS5

The developers of  Arcadegeddon have added support for AMD’s smart FSR upscale – not only on the PC but also on the PlayStation 5. This is the first game on consoles to support this technology.

The PS5 standard includes a hybrid anti-aliasing option – FSR 1.0 + TAAU. This option also appeared on the PC. So far, no serious tests of performance and image quality have been done, but early users note a good picture level with an almost double increase in the frame rate. 

Using hybrid anti-aliasing with TAAU, according to the developers, allows you to apply the best of both worlds. On the one hand, increase productivity with FSR. and on the other – to increase the clarity of the image thanks to TAAU.

Armageddon went into Early Access on PS5 and PC at the same time as the announcement on July 9th. This is an arcade shooter with a bet on the cooperative passage of levels. The full version is expected to be released in early 2022. 

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