Archbishop Roche explains the restrictions on the Tridentine Mass

In a statement to the Italian-language television channel in Switzerland, the English hierarch recalled that among the reasons why Benedict XVI allowed the free celebration of the Tridentine Mass in 2007 was an attempt to reconcile with the traditionalists of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, who fell into a state of schism. However, after years of offering them various concessions, it turned out that this “experiment” was not entirely successful and it was time to return to the principles of the Second Vatican Council.

The apostolic letter Motu Proprio by Francis, “Traditionis custodes” of July, therefore restored the restrictions on the celebration of the Tridentine Mass. The Pope explained that traditionalists used the opportunity to celebrate the old liturgy “to increase distances, exacerbate differences and build up opposites that hurt the Church and hinder its progress, putting it at risk of division.”

At the same time, Archbishop Roche indicated that liturgical reforms are necessary to bring the Church closer to the modern world. He cited the Tridentine reform of the 16th century as an example. – What was introduced in 1570 was perfectly appropriate for that time. And what has been done in our age is also perfectly appropriate for this time, said the Prefect of the Congregation.

Earlier in a private letter of August 4 to the Archbishop of Westminster, Card. Vincent Nichols (disclosed by the website, authenticated by the spokesman of the cardinal), explained that the Tridentine Mass was “in fact abolished by Pope St. Paul VI “. Meanwhile, the “misinterpretation” of the concessions granted by previous popes has become an incentive to promote this Mass, which runs counter to the conciliar reform.

Archbishop Roche added that although the provisions of “Traditionis custodes” had come into force, their “proper and lasting application takes time”. He announced that guidelines would be published on the implementation of the “Traditionis custodes”, which aim at the “unity of liturgical prayer” of the Church.

In both statements – the TV statement and the letter leaked to the media – the hierarch defends Francis’ decision as necessary to strengthen the unity of the Church through the liturgy.

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