Archbishop Wester: this is a “diabolical spiral” that threatens everyone

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe in New Mexico itself is particularly hit by nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are manufactured at Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories. The US government stores nuclear weapons at the Kirtland Air Force base in Albuquerque.

The Archbishop of Santa Fe announced his letter in less than two weeks after the joint declaration of the five nuclear powers that are permanent members of the UN Security Council. In early January, the US, Great Britain, France, China and Russia reaffirmed in it that they wanted the world free from nuclear weapons and that nuclear war was avoided.

Currently, the 10th review conference of the 1970 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, the date of which is constantly being changed from 2020, was to be held in New York. At the turn of the year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the new date is set for August this year.

In his pastoral letter, the US archbishop criticizes the fact that none of the signatory states to the treaty have fulfilled their obligations to stop nuclear weapons. Instead, states were “modernizing” their nuclear arsenals.

The 52-page pastoral letter also cites Pope Francis, who has repeatedly called for the abolition of the world’s nuclear arsenals because of the threat they pose. Just a few days ago, in a speech to diplomats at the Vatican, the Holy Father said that “nuclear weapons are an inadequate and inappropriate tool to respond to security threats in the 21st century, and its possession is immoral. Their production distracts resources from the prospects of integral human development, and its use in addition to its disastrous consequences for the environment, it threatens the very very existence of mankind. “

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