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Environment, geology, archeology and history of seafaring traditions: the island of Procida is told from today through the “Sebastiano Tusa” Civic Museum, inaugurated on Monday in the premises of the former conservatory of the Orphans at the end of an institutional ceremony with the general states of Campania culture and with the touching cuts of the ribbon by Valeria Patrizia Li Vigni, former wife of Tusa, an archaeologist who has long linked her name to the island of Procida. The museum is divided into three sections: the Environment section embraces the Room of Geology, oriented to the narration of the volcanic genesis of the Procida-Vivara area and to the knowledge of the geological characteristics of the same area through the display of rock samples and the most recent map geological area (organized by the Department of Earth Sciences of the Federico II University), and exhibition areas dedicated to the themes of the fauna and flora of Vivara. The Ancient History Section of the island of Procida exhibits the traces and archaeological evidence highlighted by the archaeological excavations of Vivara. The Sea Section, on the other hand, describes the intense link between the Procidan territory, and its inhabitants, with the sea, also through the private collections of the Procidan families.

“We are proud because the inauguration of the Museum marks, for the Procida area, the birth of a first form of ‘infrastructure’ dedicated to the conservation, dissemination and study of cultural emergencies relating to the Procida-Vivara area and in general to the complex and fascinating history of the island ”, said the director of the Civic Museum, Nicola Scotto Di Carlo.

“The opening to the public of the Museum, the first on the island, is the last step in a work started in 2017, with few economic resources – said Antonio Carannante, councilor of the Municipality of Procida with responsibility for Terra Murata – We strongly wanted to link it to the territory through the objects of the seafarers’ families, the Mycenaean finds and the studies on the birth of the island, certain that it can foster a growth in awareness of the heritage of Procida and a consequent protection. There is a world to be discovered, which until now has remained partly in the shadows. There is a world to be discovered – concludes Carannante – I am satisfied as today all the competent institutions have declared themselves ready to support our museum. A new cultural place is being born that will be a national reality ”. The Civic Museum has already been carrying out, for some months, in-depth activities of the history of Procida: with the Banco di Napoli Foundation two scholarships have been awarded for the development of research activities aimed at identifying sources regarding the socio-history. economy of the island of Procida in the Historical Archive of the Foundation.

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