Are Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde getting married?

harry styles and olivia wilde got engaged

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After staying away from gossip for a long time, Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde they ended up in the eye of the storm following some rumors that they would officially like them fiancés and ready to swear eternal love.

The murmur about a possible engagement between Harry Styles And Olivia began to circulate after the appearance of the singer of “As it was“(Track that paves the way for the new album Harry’s house) to the Coachella 2022 due to the gossip site Deuxmoi, who reported how the couple formed by the singer and the actress decided to take their relationship to the next level. The two would have made it even more serious and official after just over a year of dating, which began by chance on the set of the film. Don’t Worry Darlingfilm directed by Olivia who will see Harry in the role of the protagonist.

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The “young love” between the two celebs is already ready to take a big step forward, perhaps also due to the alleged pregnancy of Olivia Wildethat would pregnant of Harry’s first child. According to the latest rumors coming directly from Coachellain fact, the actress would have tried to hide a rather suspicious tummy.

“I feel really happy right now,” she said Harry during a recent interview with the program The Morning Mash Upunleashing many inferences about this inexplicable joy which, according to the gossip, would be attributable to the engagement with Wilde as well as to the imminent fatherhood.

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This is actually not the first time that there has been talk of a possible marriage between Harry Styles and the fiancée: the first rumors about a union between the two in fact began to make their way in January 2021 and then returned to vogue in November of the same year, when the magazine Ok! said the “Golden” singer would have turned to Wilde and labeled her as his future wife.

Styles he’s totally devoted to Olivia, ”an insider told the magazine. “There’s a part of him that really wants the world to know that their relationship is serious,” added the source, whose words echo again today despite neither Harry nor his partner being unbalanced about their wedding. , hiding behind absolute silence.

That after the wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz this 2022 can give us a second, incredible wedding between stars?

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