Are Marvel Studios Preparing a Thunderbolts Movie?


After revealing the possible arrival of a series on Ironheart, the MCU Cosmic insiders have launched a new rumor that Marvel Studios are developing a Thunderbolts movie.

There has been talking for some time of the possible arrival of the group in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, given also the confirmed presence of the general “Thunderbolt” Ross in Black Widow , but according to the report – which we invite you to take with due caution pending official expectations – the project would already be in the early stages of development and could even be a series destined for Disney +.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has recently confirmed that despite the farewell of most of the original Avengers, the Avengers will also return in the next stages of the MCU, also because Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Ant-Man and many other characters who appeared in the latest films will continue their journey into the franchise.

The team assembled by Nick Fury could, however, act within the saga even with the presence of the Thunderbolts, with the latter wearing the role of anti-heroes being, at least in comics, a group of repentant supervillains. After confirmation of the arrival of Deadpool and Moon Knight, therefore, perhaps we will also see in the MCU a controversial group of heroes.

Who would you like to see in a possible Thunderbolts formation? Let us know in the comments.

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