Are Sam Smith and Adele the same person? Here’s what the TikTok theory says

Sam Smithguest at Drew Barrymore Showhe quoted the weirdest gossip out there about him: the singer of I’m not the only one and Adele would be the same personto! Er… what?!

The actress and presenter, as well as the audience in the room, understandably let themselves go to a hearty laugh mixed with amazement but… it seems that, this curious conspiracy theoryhas been around the web, complete with alleged supporting evidence: the accents of the two artists compared would be similar, Adele’s voice slowed down would sound nearly identical to Sam Smith’s and their physiognomy and their matching colors.

All this is fueled by a joke from Sam Smith: “We’ve never been seen in the same room together”.

Okay, Bella Hadid and I haven’t had the honor of sharing the same walls either and I’m a little offended that, despite this, no one ever doubted that we could be the same person.

Be that as it may… Sam and Adele could seize the opportunity and, under the pretext of denying this amusing rumor, give us an iconic duet with their angelic voices and take the stage TOGETHER.

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