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Beyoncé and Drake need little to trigger internet convulsions, just exist, tweet, or post a photo. Just the fact that they have something new to show generates shock waves, but this time, it’s not so much the new music, but the type of music and the coincidence and both having chosen to do house – in Beyoncé’s case, clearly inspired by the 90’s.

Honestly, Nevermind…, Drake’s new album, and Beyoncé’s new single “Break My Soul”, are driving the internet wild. Among Drake fans who feel defrauded because their hero strayed from the path, journalists and commentators who expound on the multiple implications of the phenomenon and call for house to return or its return to black origins (as if house were dying and its erased roots) and even house producers and DJs confused by all the fuss, the flow of opinion continues unstoppable. Drake’s album and Beyoncé’s single are officially happenings that, for some, herald a paradigm shift. This may even be true for each of the artists, and it is hoped that at a global level they can contribute to a desired change (namely the decline of the dictatorial circus of EDM), but there is no revolution here.

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