Are we at risk of school closings? Rzymkowski denies: We are aware of the cost of such a decision

Over 220 thousand infections were found the past day in Italy. This is the highest daily rate since the start of the pandemic. 294 people died. – There is a very heated discussion about what to do with the schools. The Italian prime minister says schools should be opened because it is absolutely important. We do not have such a situation, but we expect the fifth wave caused by the Omikron variant. What are the preparations of the Ministry of Science like in such a situation? Do you also view the future in the same way as the Italian government does to education? the editor asked.

A good solution

Tomasz Rzymkowski admitted that the Polish authorities obviously look at solutions in various European countries. – I would like to point out that since January last year, education has operated in France in an absolutely unhindered manner, and the French government is such a cruel example here. We have a fairly good solution that has been in operation since September. That is, where we have a covid focus, then we introduce hybrid science – he said.

– Yesterday, when we opened our studies after this longer break, nine schools were in the remote mode for over 22,000. Today we have an increase of one location. At the moment, the situation is very good, although of course we are constantly observing it

– he pointed out.

The students are vaccinating

The deputy minister of education and science also stressed that the rulers are aware that young people are vaccinated. – In the youngest age group that has only been vaccinated since December, more than 8 percent of those vaccinated are already vaccinated. On the other hand, in the group that has already been able to vaccinate since last year’s holidays, i.e. from 12 to 18, in the case of 17-year-olds who are rubbing the age of majority, this vaccination threshold is sometimes higher than the average in Polish society – he noted.

– We do not observe the transmission of the virus on an unprecedented scale in school, but we are aware of these educational, psychological, social and psychological consequences in people who do not have contact with their peers, who are closed to remote learning. We are aware of the price that would have to be paid if schools were to switch to remote mode

– added the politician.


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