Are you addicted to the smartphone? It is a disease and it has a name

Few people know that having a smartphone addiction is a real disease. Let’s find out what it’s called and how to treat it.

By now, for many, the smartphone has become a real obsession. This is a disease and it also has a precise name that few people know: all the details about your cell phone addiction.

Smartphone addiction, what it’s called and how to defeat it (Via Pixabay)

The new disease that is affecting a large part of the world population is the smartphone addiction. In fact this also has a name and is called Nomophobia a real pathology, widespread especially among young people. Those who are most affected are the boys between 18 and 25 years old. So let’s see what exactly this is actually a disease.

Nomophobia is more commonly known as smartphone addiction and consists of the obsessive fear of not being reachable. This fear would even lead to panic attacks which can be characterized by tremor, dizziness, rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. The cause of all this could also be the absence of the fixed mobile network or the cell phone out of use. Let’s see what are all the characteristics of the new disease that is affecting the boys.

Smartphone addiction, it’s called Nomophobia: what it consists of

Smartphone addiction can be harmful to health (Source: Pexels)

He thought about giving us more information on smartphone addiction Ezio Benellipresident ofInternational Foundation Erich Fromm. In fact, as Benelli states: “the excessive and improper use of the mobile phone risks causing enormous gaps between the same people, leading them to irremediably close in on themselves, fueling the fear of rejection“. To confirm all the fears in this regard, there would be a search for Yougov. According to the data collected, 6 out of 10 boys, aged between 18 and 29, decide to go to bed with their smartphone.

But that’s not all since these guys would also show real anxiety when the battery is at the limit, as well as residual credit or network coverage. However, the phenomenon in recent years has been growing dramatically, requiring, according to experts, the intervention of psychotherapy. The specific technique adopted is that of psychodrama, or group therapy, to improve self-esteem and avoid relational problems. Precisely because of this dependence, in fact, more and more young people in the world are suffering from problems in relationships with others.

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