“Are you asking for weapons? So you accept the escalation.” Count against Zelensky

The timing was at least improvised and this should give us pause. On the day Vladimir Putin returned to explicitly threaten Ukraine and the West, Giuseppe Conte he managed to utter words of criticism to Volodymyr Zelensky, guilty of asking for new weapons to face the Moscow army. “The perspective is that of a war that risks rising in tone and level, a war out of control and without borders“, the former prime minister correctly observed in an interview with La7, without however recognizing the Ukrainian president’s right to continue defending himself on the war front.

Asking long-range weapons, the pentastellato leader argued, “Zelensky is accepting the logic of one military escalationbut what is the limit of this escalation?“. Conte, otherwise, then asked for a change in favor of a peace negotiation: a theoretically desirable commitment, if it weren’t for the fact that up to now Russia has always rejected attempts at mediation and talks. Indeed, just in the past few hours Putin he had declared a partial mobilization in Russia, with the recall of 300,000 reserve soldiers – a move that was anything but peaceful.

We cannot entrust ours political strategy for an exit from this conflict to the alternating fortunes of a military confrontation“, however, objected Conte, criticizing the line dictated by”Washington and London“to which Italy would have lent”blind obedience“. Then the former prime minister again contested:”It seems to me that the strategy we are following involves little peace negotiation, which is not mentioned, and a lot of military escalation.“. Even in this case, however, the pentastellato leader has not explained how he intends to act in the face of a Russia which – through the mouth of its president – has said it is ready to use”.all means available“to stop the West.

Shortly before, when asked about the fact that initially the 5S had voted to send weapons to Ukraine, Conte claimed consistency in his party’s line and explained: “In the initial phase, we were in favor of sending military aid to Ukraine, as well as the sanctions that we must maintain. But after the first mailings, we asked ourselves the question of how to get out of this conflict“.

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