Are you bugged by the Pegasus system? Here’s a tool to check it out

As the example of the prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek shows, the chance that we can be eavesdropped on – also by state entities – is quite high. Sometimes the security systems of the operating system itself will help to detect an attack (as was the case with Apple, which is going to judge with the creators of Pegasus), but most often, unfortunately, we do not have a clue about it. That is why open source was created MVT tool, made available to everyone on the GitHub platform. It is a set of solutions that simplify and automate the process of collecting traces of a potential attack.

The MVT was prepared by the Amnesty International security laboratory with the intention of examining the Pegasus project. Is it an advanced set of tools that should be of primary interest to security researcherswho already have technical knowledge of forensic methodology and evidence. To operate the tool, we have to use the command line, which will be quite a difficulty for most people. You can read about the details of the installation and commissioning of the MVT on a smartphone in detail in the manual. We emphasize once again – this is a very advanced tool that can only be used if you know the Python language well.


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MVT is licensed under its own license as part of the Mozilla Public License v2.0 adoption. It forces the person using the program to use it only with the consent of the user whose data is to be downloaded and / or analyzed. It is also worth remembering that MVT does not provide information on the level of security directly. It is not intended for its evaluation by the end user.

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