“Are you fed up, will it be over soon?”, which the little boy struggled to bear

The mystery remains intact… Saturday July 8, 2023, Emile, a two-year-old boy, disappeared in Haut-Vernet, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. That day, he was in the garden of his maternal grandparents who were preparing their car for an outing, before escaping their vigilance. Despite the significant means that have been implemented, the little boy remains untraceable. If the mayor of the hamlet is convinced that it is an accident, Monseigneur Emmanuel Gobilliard, bishop of Digne, confided that the prosecutor had assured him that, in 80% of cases, in this kind of business, the culprit is found in the family. In a Paris Match report, we learn that Emile’s family only goes once a year, to give a concert of religious music, at the church of La Bouilladisse. “Every Sunday, grandparents, parents and grandchildren prefer to go to Aix, to a very old private chapel. The mass is celebrated there in Latin, the liturgy stricterwith Gregorian chants”, can we read. So the boys would serve mass while the girls would provide musical accompaniment. According to several parishioners, if Emile attended the office, he would sometimes get bored. “I’m fed up! It’s almost finished ?he would have exclaimed.

The disappearance of Emile worries the greatest number

For Paris Match, lawyer François Balique said: “People are affected in (…)

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