Are you “mathematically beautiful”? According to this plastic surgeon, here is the simple calculation to apply to find out

Did you know that beauty could supposedly be calculated according to a mathematical formula? Every year, a British surgeon declares many stars to be “the most beautiful according to science”. Here is the calculation formula that you can apply!

Are you scientifically beautiful? Here is one of the new fads that is currently shaking the beautysphere. A series of specific figures would be intended to calculate the beauty of a face. What are the criteria ? How to do ? Follow the leader.

What is this mathematical formula?

According to Julian De Silva, British plastic surgeon at the origin of this new idea which reveals its “perfect beauty” each year, “mathematical beauty” would be easily determined based on a single criterion: the essential gold number. As a reminder, this golden number would be “the divine proportion”, either the harmonious relationship between the parts and the whole represented by the number Phi equal to 1.6180339… Thus, to know if you are “beautiful according to science” (says a cosmetic surgeon), you would just have to compare the measurements of a few specific areas of your face and report them to this golden ratio. Either :

  • Your mouth is it 1.6180339 times the width of your nose ?
  • If we look at you in profile, the bridge of your nose does it measure 1.6180339 times the base of your nose ?
  • Your central incisor is it 1.6180339 times the length of your lateral incisor ?
  • The distance between your pupils is it 1.6180339 times the distance between your eyebrows ?

If you get a positive answer to several of these questions, you can consider that the golden ratio is repeated regularly on your face and thus that you are estimated to be “mathematically beautiful”. Obviously, we remember that it is a physical formula based on the idea that symmetry and proportions would define ideal beauty, whereas of course beauty is, above all, subjective, dependent on criteria that vary according to the tastes and cultures of each person.

Who are the stars voted the most “beautiful according to science”?

So many are the celebrities known for their legendary beauty like Iris Mittenaere who won the title of Miss Universe in 2016, Penelope Cruz or Natalie Portman, every year the verdict of Julian Da Silva falls. And it’s the golden ratio that decides. In 2021, it is Bella Hadid who wins by getting closer to perfection since she ticked 94.35% of the “scientific” criteria of beauty. The next year, Jodie Comer is elected as “the most beautiful woman in the world according to science” with a ratio of 94.42%. Who will succeed him for the year 2023?

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