Are You Mocking ?, Ex Paulina Rubio Reacts to a Photo of Chiquis Rivera

Apparently seeing Jenni Revira’s daughter in that pose provoked intense reactions, and one of the most striking is that of the former Golden Girl

One of Chiquis Rivera’s publications reacted to the most controversial former couple that the beautiful singer has had, Paulina Rubio, who surprised by commenting on one of the photographs shared by the eldest daughter of La Diva de la Banda.

Through her social networks, the beautiful Mexican regional music singer has caused a stir, and it seems that the famous one is at a stage in her life in which she is motivated and feels sure of the figure she possesses.

Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera known as Collate and ex-husband of the Golden Girl was one of the first to react to the photograph of the also businesswoman, in which she wears a tight black outfit, made of latex, which sticks perfectly to the curvy figure that boasts so much.   

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The comment he made is crossing borders and now circulates through different media that according to Chiquis it looks like this thanks to the effects and results of taking ” lemon water “.    

After the reaction of the famous Spanish driver, a wave of speculation was unleashed among users, many commenting that he may be making fun of the voluptuous body that the interpreter of the hit ‘Cheer up and see’ shows.     

Without a doubt, Colette is a faithful follower of the band’s exponent and it is not the first time that he reacts to one of her images and publications, he always comments on the beauty of Lorenzo Méndez’s ex, but this time he attracted more attention.

The profile of Suelta la Sopa on Instagram especially shared the comment he made towards the singer, in which it is appreciated that when the photograph was taken it was not his best angle, but without a doubt, the exuberant beauty that he possesses has always been worthy of admiration.    

Hence, the comments were present and crossed out the ex of Paulina Rubio as a person who does cyberbully, unleashing ruthless and even high-sounding comments for his reaction. 

Fuck old man and the “horns with go # $%” and nobody tells him anything!

You are the first to say NO to cyber bullying and you are also the first to produce it.

Lack of respect for that Collate.   

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