Are you not planning to switch to an electric car? Too bad, you must have a charging station anyway

The switch to electric cars is very slow, and there are at least several reasons for this – from the high prices of this type of vehicle, to the still poor infrastructure, so electrician owners must carefully plan each further trip, ending. The latter problem can be solved by regulations such as those announced by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

They assume that from next year, all new buildings, both houses, workplaces and supermarkets, must be equipped with charging stations for cars electric. Moreover, existing buildings undergoing large-scale refurbishment, which will later offer at least 10 parking spaces, also need to install charging stations. This is the first such decision in the world, thanks to which 145,000 additional chargers will be available in the UK every year (so far the government has financed the construction of 250,000 private and public points), facilitating the use of electric vehicles.

Combined with the already announced ban on the sale of classic combustion cars after 2030 (10 years ahead of the originally planned date), the UK really has a chance to become a global leader in green motoring. Especially that it has recently confirmed the readiness to publish even 500 million pounds to build the necessary infrastructure in the country.

At this point, it is necessary to recall the problem of the efficiency of the current electrical network, for which the “electrics” constitute a huge load. You can read more about this case in material prepared by the editors of Interia Motoryzacja.

The only question is, what do the drivers themselves say? And here it is very different, because as we learn from, for example, a survey conducted on the German market this year, 39 percent of the interviewees cannot imagine driving an electric car, and only 3.9 percent are in favor of this form of communication. drivers. The respondents were also asked what would have to change to consider switching to electrics, and here the universal availability of charging stations was an important, but only one of many conditions (it was indicated by 31.4%). percent of respondents) and lower prices (35.8% of respondents).

This coincides in part with the allegations of the British opposition that the new regulations are do not assume subsidies for replacing the car with an electric onewhich may be the biggest obstacle for many households. The argument is that London and the South East have more chargers than the rest of England and Wales combined, which does not translate into an increasing number of electricians.

In short, the electricians still have a long way to go, and the hardest part may be to convince the drivers themselves, because if more countries follow British footsteps, there will be no problems with the infrastructure soon.

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