Are your Restaurant Tickets soon to be unusable? Here are the restaurants that are starting to refuse them

There is a fundamental reason for this change. According to the TF1 television news, “restaurateurs are taxed more on titles in paper format

“. In fact, the terms and conditions have changed since the start of the current year. “We were on an average rate of around 2.5%. And with the new terms, we are reimbursed on a commission rate of more than 5%. »
Romain Vidalmanager of a restaurant.

In short, out of a sum of €50 paid in restaurant vouchers, only €45 actually goes into the restaurateur’s cash register. It is for this reason that many choose not to accept customers who use paper titles, especially when the majority of their customer base uses a restaurant card.

“It is above all the length of repayment which has nevertheless become longer than before and which is less easy and therefore a significant wait in terms of cash flow”, underlines Marie-Anne Lecoeur, manager of a bakery. “We have more workload, we have more time to spend internally to manage these sidelines which initially should not pose a problem,” adds Alexandre Marie, director of another establishment.

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Which restaurants aren’t following suit?

However, not all restaurateurs share this opinion. Didier Caville, who manages a creperie in Paris, prefers traditional restaurant vouchers to cards. He justifies his choice saying: “Because the maps are completely opaque, we don’t understand anything. We don’t understand the amount of commissions, we don’t understand the amount of VAT.”

Entities that administer meal vouchers are perplexed by this trend. “When you are in the digital world, you have costs that do not exist in the physical world(…) Ultimately, the cost of digital is higher than the cost of paper,” he is surprised. Ilan Ouanounougeneral manager of Endered France.

Currently, “4 out of 10 titles are still distributed in the form of paper checks.” It should be noted that companies are not forced to choose between the two formats. “I’m more in favor of paying with Ticket Resto cards, but it never happened to me to work in a company that offered them,” said an employee interviewed by TF1.

In summary, the growing rejection of paper restaurant vouchers is mainly explained by financial and administrative reasons for restaurateurs. However, some establishments continue to accept them, despite the disadvantages. Users, for their part, seem divided on the question, but a large part of them do not have the choice of format, because it depends on their employer.

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