Ares Design, the future of the Modenese house

The coachbuilder from Modena, internationally recognized in the hyper-luxury segment, accelerates with a new global growth plan based on electric mobility, the expansion of the showroom network and continuous investments. Among the new shareholders Alfredo Altavilla

Savina Confaloni

While the new Ares S1 Spyder is showing off on the Porto Cervo waterfront, the Italian manufacturer announces the entry of new shareholders and a new global growth plan focused on electric mobility, product innovation, multi-channel distribution and hiring development in the its headquarters in Modena.


The Modenese coachbuilder presses on the accelerator, with the entry of new shareholders and the creation of a new range of luxury products for electric mobility. A change of pace that began in 2021, combining the customization of cars with a tailor-made super exclusive, even the design of cars and motorcycles produced in small series or in version one-off, including the Ares Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2 V8 and the latest S1 Spyder supercar. And by the end of 2022 the goal is to launch luxury electric vehicles, from motorbikes to city cars, bicycles, scooters, always built in the 23,000 square meter facility inaugurated in Modena in January 2018. Parallel to the launch of new products, Ares continues to expand its network of Studios, announcing the forthcoming opening of the three new offices in Bologna, Milan and London. These new showrooms will expand the existing network from the United States to the Middle East, including Miami, Marbella, Kitzbühel, Munich, St. Moritz, Zurich, Modena and Dubai.

New shareholders

The industrial plan foresees, between now and 2024, an investment of one hundred million euros flanked by a new hiring plan to expand the personnel experienced in the production, engineering and design of vehicles. Ares has announced the three new shareholders who have arrived to support this strategic development of the company, founded by Dany Bahar, CEO of Ares Design, together with his long-time business partner Waleed Al Ghafari. This is Alfredo Altavilla, one of the most prominent names in the Italian automotive industry, for many years at the top of the FCA group, and now at the head of Ita Airways and senior advisor of Cvc Capital Partners, together with the Italian-Swiss banker Boris Collardi , formerly at the head of the Julius Baer Group, one of the main Swiss private banks and the Italian top manager of fashion and luxury Marco Bizzarri, president and CEO of Gucci since 2015. Altavilla and Collardi also join the board of Ares with Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Gaydoul.

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