Argentine Pruzo, Fiery but Calm

The left side of FC Differdange 03 finds everything. from your mindset. Next step, this Thursday evening on the field of Maribor and snatch the third round of the Conference League.

We came close to a diplomatic incident in Findel on Wednesday when a journalist not up to speed on regional specifics dared to ask Lucas Pruzzo, seated with his partner, if it was not an Uruguayan drink he was drinking. Had been. The one on the left opened his eyes wide, threw his head back and stammered, laughing out loud: “No, no, no! They stole it from us!” Pruzo, one of the Argentines who came to gather around “scout” Juan Bedoret, immediately found the smile he wore just before the infamous question. Because after all, mate, a type of bitter tea, is supposed to “bring peace and good energy.” Ideal before international travel.

It seems some European teammates have already tried it (after all, Antoine Griezmann popularized it in France), but currently, it’s the top, 29-year-old former Deportio Madryn (Argentina D2) player, Those who discover another culture. And second football. Maribor, on the way out, could not impress him, for one simple reason: he felt completely calm, not in a hurry. “European football is very… accurate and very tactical. The players there do what they have to do and try less to make an individual difference. The number of one against the other is very less and hence there is a conflict. In short: playing in Europe would be less stressful. Even in Europe.

she misses a little barbecue

In any case, one of FCD03’s historical scorers, Pierre Piscor, who was present in the stands for the first leg at the Oberkorn Sports Park, took a liking to him in this defensive block, which allowed one of the clubs to score practically zero. Gave chances Lighthouse of Slovenia. “Pierrot” should have known that Pruzzo and all South Americans came with a brand new mentality in their suitcase. Pruzzo didn’t even imagine it because he never knew anything else. So when asked how he would define the Argentine player: “What a question! It’s got a lot of desire, a lot of passion, a lot of inspiration. Get used to the pressure. And we know how to suffer. This is what can happen at the Ljudski VRT stadium. So it’s good that he’s there, with his partner.

At least, he was able to cross the Atlantic. Not his barbecue. And he misses it. Leaders have promised to organize more without knowing whether the proposal turns out to be a good “chambering” or, given the number of South Americans now integrated into this workforce, the practice is almost necessary for proper integration. Pruzzo’s “luck” was that he came alone and did not have to leave his wife and child for his first experience on the Old Continent. “But even! If I came with wife and child it would be extra pressure. Tonight, there’s only one: to qualify, then spin to face Fenerbahçe at 3I Tower, a club that Pruzzo… doesn’t even know about.

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