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Historic Kilometer Meeting mexican baseball league, Union Lagoon cotton growers they beat two owlsyou I heard the sound of 2 points in 4 strokes. This was the second of the promises stipulated in a homer producing two runs by the 16th inning. Nick Torresfor actions that finished after 1:00 AM this Thursday, La Junta Park of Tamaulipas State.

The game went down in the summer circuit history books as the game with the most innings played in the postseason. As such, that commitment led to a win in a row, and a fifth game win, for that matter. keep.

From the first inning, Lagoon moved up the scoreboard, with the same story as the first game. This time, it was the only home run from . Juan Carlos Escalaordered the 108 stitches to be placed behind the right pasture fence so that the icing force could gain an advantage in the match. Scalabeing a key engine of the cherry offense in these playoffs, Jonathan Villarthey talked about attacking and threw the team on their backs.

On the fourth roll, the locals threatened and manned the corner, but that didn’t come to fruition as Cherry’s pitching was consistent. Both pitchers were hanging the ring through the seventh roll. owl When we were able to catch up with a 1-1 tie, Danley Vasquez Single to center, he went home Cade musthad previously been on base on a single to left, so things could have gone 1-1. As the serpentine of Laguna approached, mackle wraithwho withdrew for owlnine innings was not enough, so the game was extra innings.

When you open the 10th time, lagoon He stood on the scoreboard again, bringing one point into the register. Jonathan Villar Two robberies after hitting the left field seat, Juan Carlos Escala His turn to get a passport went well, it was his turn next Dean Nevarez He responded with a double to left to give the Resistance the lead. Villars The point difference is 1-2. Start dropping tenths, Cade must struck out by mackle wraith The player became enraged, threw his helmet and had a loud temper tantrum before being sent off. Ali Castillo He reached a meadow on the right, Danley Vasquez went on a walk, Bambino Fuenmayor beaten, the trail saturated, mackle wraith walked Ryan Aguilarreaching the “horse” dish Ali Castillo in a 2-2 draw. Luis Jimenezstrikes out without throwing and is second out. Henry Gatewood He received a large amount of chocolate and the local player left third base, but the game was tied again. 11th, Alonzo Harris If you draw a line toward the center and open it, Rudy Flores on purposeful grounds, Ali Castillo Unstoppable in the strip they put out Harris at home.

then he came to the pitch Jeff Ibarra Lagoon by Miguel Vazquez.thorns With the support of his team, he was able to escape the cherry pinch and the score remained tied at 2-2. In the 12th inning, Nick Torres struck out, Jonathan Villar Hitting a double, Escala was intentionally walked, resulting in a double. Dean NevarezHe too has a passport and fills his house with cherries. Adrian Tovarinpinch hitter for Albert Lara.Tvarin Fry to the right, he’s swept back Villars, The play that went to the review and decided to be out, and Scala Partly because of his eagerness to reach third base, he was also left behind, the double play materializing, and the game still suspended.thorns to retire owlSo, the bottom of the 13th inning of this marathon game has started.

After the 14th inning, the game still fascinated the fans. Laredo On the edge of the seat, many decided to retire, but others remained to confirm the definition of the game.

Number 16 started, the marker finally moved, and a home run was hit. Nick Torreswho put it behind the walls of the factory and took the lead. Julian Escovedo They won 2-4 and seemed to have gained a decisive advantage.

Victory has gone Albert Leyva And the defeat of Ian Kroll, Braden Webb. His third installment in the series takes place this Friday at 8pm in Torreon.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Che

lagoon 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 4 8 1

Laredo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 10 1

PG: Leyva (1-0) PD: Kroll (0-1) SV: Webb (1)

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