Ariana Grande: A man with a knife tried to get into her house

Ariana Grande was in danger? A man with a knife was arrested outside her house. The psychofan wanted to meet the singer. When security refused to let him onto the property, the man took out a sharp tool. He was arrested.

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular music stars. She has millions of fans around the world who support her and buy her every album.

Unfortunately, many famous people also have to deal with often very dangerous psychophans, who will sometimes do anything to be able to see their beloved star up close. There has been a worrying situation recently in front of Ariana Grande’s house. A man with a knife showed up.

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Ariana Grande in danger? The man with the knife tried to get to her house

Aaron Brown tried to get into Ariana Grande’s house. According to the Los Angeles Times, last Friday the man demanded a meeting with the singer, which was immediately prevented by security.

At one point, the 23-year-old began to be very aggressive. He took out a knife and waved it at the bodyguards.

The police were called in front of Ariana Grande’s house. The man was arrested on charges of weapon threats. The 23-year-old was also temporarily banned from approaching the singer and her relatives.

Ariana Grande has already had problems with psychophiles

The situation last week is not the first time that Ariana Grande has had a serious problem with psychophans.

In 2020, a certain Fidel Henriquez was banned from approaching the singer and her estate for five years after he got to the front door of the star’s house and left a love letter there.

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