Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez Overtaken by Ronaldo on Instagram!

Ronaldo becomes the first personality to pass the 300 million subscriber mark on Instagram, ahead of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

Ronaldo has just broken a new record but off the pitch this time around. In front of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, the very famous Portuguese football player becomes the first star to reach 300 million subscribers on Instagram.


As you probably know, Cristiano Ronaldo recently achieved the status of top scorer in the Euro, thus beating Platini and his nine goals.

But the very famous footballer who plays as a striker at Juventus FC has just broken a new record. He is the first personality to pass the 300 million subscriber mark on Instagram!

Yes, you did hear it. Friday, June 18, 2021, Cr7 thus achieved the feat that no other had ever achieved. And from far away what is more!

Very far behind him, we, therefore, find the American actor Dwayne Johnson who has 247 million subscribers on the famous platform. Which is already huge!

Just below, Ariana Grande takes third place with 244 million subscribers. It is Kylie Jenner who precedes her with 2 million less, followed by Selena Gomez with 238 million.

Lionel Messi Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s great rival on the pitch, appears in the sixth position with 220 million fans following him on Instagram.

If he has more golden balloons, he is no match for the number of followers! Even if the Portuguese player would undoubtedly have preferred to reverse the records …


Very active on social networks, Ronaldo is the delight of his millions of fans. With it, Internet users never really have time to be bored.

They follow the crazy adventures of their idol with the greatest attention on a daily basis, in search of new little nuggets. And for once, there are very often.

Between the sublime photos of his many shootings, the backstage of the matches, the small family moments, and the new announcements. There is something to have a good time.

This is also why Cr7 is so successful on Instagram. The public loves the content they offer and therefore do not hesitate to let them know.

With each appearance on the social network, it is a real hit! But he’s not the only one… His wife and children have something to do with it too.

Internet users love them! And to their delight, Ronaldo does not hesitate to appear at their side. He reveals everything about his daily life as a star and a great sportsman.

Not long ago, the Juve striker has already made a name for himself by removing bottles of Coca-Cola from his table at a press conference. The company thus lost several billion dollars after this action!

The footballer has not finished talking about him …

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