Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift go hand in hand. Which one is better? This result speaks for itself!

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift
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Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are two singers who are famous all over the world. It is they who enchant many people with their voices, and their records are spreading like hot cakes! Now the artists go hand in hand with each other, but one of them is better and this result speaks for itself! Find out more about the details below.

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, these are singers everyone knows about the world! They create songs that not only enchant the listeners, but also become real hits in the blink of an eye. While both Ari and Taylor have had many successes, in some respects one is ahead of the other. This includes Instagram, where Ariana has over 230 million followers, and Taylor – 153 million. In addition, one could also compare the views of songs on YouTube or the list of awards and nominations that the artists have won over the course of their many years of career.

Recall that Ariana Grande began to take her first steps in the industry and show business at the age of 10, while Taylor at the age of 14. Now, as it turns out, American singers are almost shoulder to shoulder, and the latest result speaks for itself! What exactly is it about? Fans of both Ari and Taylor will be delighted!

Ariana Grande then and today

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift – successes

A new success has just crept into Ariana Grande’s account! I am talking about gaining 2 billion views on Spotify in 2021. Interestingly, Ari is the second woman in the world to do this, and Taylor Swift was the first. Interestingly, Taylor also found a new success! Namely, the point is that she is the first woman whose four albums have gained as much as 50 million views on Spotify in the first day – Lover, everymore, folklore, Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

How much will Ariana Grande earn for being a juror on The Voice? This amount is impressive!

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