Ariana Grande blooms after her wedding! Fans delighted with THIS styling. Only those shoes like u …

Ariana Grande
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A few weeks ago, Ariana Grande unexpectedly got married. It is true that she had announced her engagement earlier, but we were all shocked that a star of such a format organized a secret wedding. Now Mrs. Gomez is enjoying a new way of life and is clearly flourishing. The latest photos on her Instagram were literally inundated with compliments. Ariana Grande herself, however, makes fun of the shoes. You won’t guess who she compared herself to!

For several years now, Ariana Grande has enjoyed unflagging fame. The singer releases album after album, breaking records of popularity. Her music videos are making cosmic numbers on YouTube, and subsequent songs are showered with awards.

It would seem that such a recognizable person as Ariana Grande is unable to make any move, unnoticed. And yet! A few weeks ago, she gave her fans a big surprise. We only found out after the fact that Ariana Grande was married.

Her husband is luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez. Apparently, this is the one because she has been radiant since Ariana Grande’s wedding. See her latest photos.

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How does Ariana Grande spend her honeymoon? See her latest films and photos …

Ariana Grande boasts of styling

Ariana Grande is very popular. It is the real queen of social media. Her Instagram profile is followed by 242 million people! Everyone could be delighted with the latest photos of the star.

The singer poses in a black top resembling a flower. In addition, black mini and shiny boots in the same color. HOT!

– what a styling!

– you are perfect

– but she does, just look


The fans are delighted.

Meanwhile, the star herself compared her shoes to … SpongeBob’s shoes! See the similarity?

It is not without reason that Ariana Grande has dressed up like that. In the description, the star marked The Voice’s profile. In the upcoming season, the singer will take the place of Nick Jonas in the jury chair. So we will most likely see this stylization in one of the episodes.

The premiere of The Voice with Ariana Grande will take place on September 20.

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