Ariana Grande could have died? A singer’s stalker with a restraining order

For several months, Ariana Grande has been struggling with the stalker who came to her home in Hollywood almost every day. The madman with the knife was also supposed to have threatened the singer with death. The court granted Grande’s request and awarded Aaron Brown a five-year restraining order.

Ariana Grande as one of the biggest music stars in the world, he has to deal with enormous popularity, which often has its dark side as well.

One of them are psychophans, people who are dangerously obsessed with their beloved idol. Grande herself also had her stalker. The man turned out to be so dangerous that the court ruled forbidding approaching the singer and her relatives.

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Ariana Grande could have died? A singer stalker with a restraining order

Ariana Grande can breathe a sigh of relief after months of nervousness. Aaron Brown, the man stalking the singer, was officially banned from approaching her and her family for five years. The court’s decision is valid until October 2026.

The singer decided to file an application to the court because she began to fear not only for her life, but also for her loved ones. As Grande revealed, the stalker began appearing outside her house from February. From August, the disturbing visits intensified and the man came to the vicinity of the property almost every day.

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Ariana Grande

A very dangerous situation occurred in September. The madman demanded from the security guards a meeting with the singer. The 23-year-old started to be very aggressive, took out a knife and shouted “I’ll kill her!”. He was arrested.

In previous years, Ariana Grande has also struggled with psychophanes. In 2020, Fidel Henriquez also received a five-year ban on approaching the singer and her estate after he got in front of the front door of the star’s house and left a love letter there.

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