Ariana Grande couldn’t believe her ears! The very first seconds had stunned her

Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande is perfect as a juror of the American The Voice. The singer popular all over the world cheers the participants and shares with them substantive comments. In the last episode, the trio of sisters stunned the singer. It only took a few seconds for the star to turn towards them.

Ariana Grande she could not believe her ears – this is the easiest way to describe the singer’s reaction to what she heard during the blind auditions for the American The Voice. According to rumors that have been appearing for months, the pop star has appeared among the coaches who are looking for the best voice in the United States. And although some were skeptical about the singer’s participation in the talent show, she quickly showed that she has not only a great ear, but also substantive knowledge, which she will gladly share with amateur singers and singers dreaming of a great career. As could be expected, the artist’s participation made many participants of The Voice decide to perform one of the songs from her repertoire on stage. The trio of KCK3 sisters sang the big hit Ari No Tears Left To Cry, and the first seconds of the performance stunned the original performer. It only took a few lines for Ariana Grande to press the button and turn towards the debutants standing on the stage.

Ariana Grande couldn’t believe it!

The song No Tears Left To Cry is of great importance to Ariana. It was at the end of the music video for this song that the star paid tribute to the victims of the attack at her concert in Manchester. No wonder that hearing the compositions performed by talented sisters caused such strong emotions in her. The trainer, paying attention mainly to harmony, did not need much time to give the girls a chance and invite them to her team. Luckily for her and the members of KCK3, none of the other coaches decided to push the button as commented by Ari.

What’s wrong with you guys? she shouted at the other jurors.

Kelly Clarkson confessed that she simply knew that no one else had a chance in this match. Judging by the reaction of the girls, I think she was right!

Ariana Grande then and today

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