Ariana Grande getting thinner? She showed a figure in a short dress

Ariana Grande has been living a very busy life for years. Not only does he give 100 percent of himself at concerts, but also actively conducts social media to be as close to fans as possible. A photo appeared on the singer’s Instagram, during which Ariana praised the last concert in one of the programs in which she had the opportunity to perform.

While Ariana Grande she talks about musical topics, we look at her figure. Do you also think that the star is getting thinner?

Ariana Grande has never been obese. However, the petite star has met with comments about her body many times. A few years ago, fans in the comments pointed out that she was too thin.

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Will he see it again now?

Ariana has uploaded a series of photos on Insta in which she poses in a short dress with bare shoulders. For this she put together long gloves and high black boots.

How do you see it? Is Ariana actually getting thinner?

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Do you also think Ariana Grande is getting thinner?

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