Ariana Grande has a psychophane

The life of the stars is not only about great fame and adoration of the public. Public figures also have to deal with hate and persecuting stalkers many times. This situation happened to Ariana Grande, in front of her house a psychophane armed with a knife appeared.

Ariana Grande. Police arrested the star’s psychophane

The incident was supposed to happen last week, but the information has only now leaked to the media. As reported by TMZ, in the middle of the night a fan appeared in front of Ariana Grande’s Hollywood villa, demanding a meeting with the singer. When the star’s security said he would not be seen, the man became aggressive. He pulled out a knife and began swinging it. The bodyguards immediately intervened and called the police, who arrested the attacker.

According to the American media, the arrested man is 23 years old and his name is Aaron Brown. He was charged with threatening a gun, and he was banned from approaching Ariana Grande. In the coming days, the court will decide whether the man can return to freedom or stay behind bars for longer. This is not the first psychophan of the singer with whom he has a problem. Last year, the court issued a five-year ban on approaching Ariana Grande for Fidel Henriquez, who bypassed security and left the singer a love letter at the door of her house.

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